Early beginnings of Tom Cruise

If we told you a name Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, you probably wouldn’t have an idea we are talking about Tom Cruise. He was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse New York to Mary and Thomas Mapother. His mother was an amateur actor and school teacher, while his father was an engineer. Because of his father’s career, Tom’s family had to move a lot, and eventually, they divorced when he was 11. Tom and his siblings inherited dyslexia, which caused him significant problems during his growing up. He was great in athletics, so he thought of perusing a career in professional wrestling, but injured knee stopped him at those intentions.

At age 14, Tom enrolled in a Franciscan seminary school with the thought of becoming a priest, but he left a school after a year. Later in his life devotion to church has come out in different forms and Tom became one of the most famous members of Scientology.

tom2When he was 16, a teacher encouraged him to participate in a school musical, Guys and Doll. He found that stage suited him well and he felt like home. At this point, his future path has been formed.

When Tom started acting, he determined a ten-year deadline for himself, where he will try to create a successful career. He Left Syracuse and moved to New York. While struggling through auditions, he landed the first role in 1981 in an Endless Love. At the same time, he was playing in a drama Taps, together with Sean Penn.

His role in Taps was improved after some time when a director of the play saw Tom’s potential. He was outstanding, and his performance caught an eye of critics and filmmakers. In 1983, Tom started working with Francis Ford Coppola on the movie The Outsiders, but the movie wasn’t well received by the audience. Even though The Outsiders haven’t made a huge success in theaters around the U.S., it allowed Tom to get an A-list status.

Three years later, Tom Cruise is already an established actor and when the Top Gun came out. But, this move brought him even bigger success, and it was the film with the highest gross in that years. From there Tom’s career has only been growing up and nowadays, he is one of the most famous actors in the world, well known for action movies.

Levi Lewis